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The heart of downtown is where you really feel the pulse of a city. That’s certainly the case with Place Ville Marie, Montreal’s most iconic complex, and its Esplanade which will soon be adorned with its very own glass pavilion housing Le Cathcart, Restaurants + Biergarten.

With its exceptional architecture and prime location, this imposing glass atrium will float above a tended garden and one-of-a-kind food hall, making this unique project a singular meeting place where people blend in with nature and the horizon, sharing a table, a meal or even more. The sky’s the limit – literally.

Savour the food...
and the moment

  • It’s lunchtime, and as you look at your watch – and your coworkers –
    the practical issue of nourishment suddenly gives way
    to the pure enjoyment of eating at Le Cathcart, right at your feet.

    The choices seem as infinite as the view: will it be brasserie fare, or pizzeria?
    Refined Japanese, or lush biergarten? Maybe something from one of our nine food kiosks? As you savour every bite and every moment, morning, noon or night, for power lunches, happy hours or a bit of downtime, Le Cathcart is just like the sky above: full of wonder and endless possibility.

Experience the open sky, including
the best of the city under one roof.

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Open to all

  • As well as the brightest, with the glass pavilion spanning 50 feet wide by 165 feet long
    across Place Ville Marie’s Esplanade. It’s also destined to become the most buzz-worthy location,
    a feast for the eyes – and the palates – for 10,000 Place Ville Marie office workers, as well as
    visitors from Montreal and abroad who appreciate great food, great architecture and inspiring luminosity.

    Le Cathcart, Restaurants + Biergarten, keeps both feet on the ground, while reaching for the stars.
    Technically, it’s referred to as a half-basement, but don’t let the real-estate lingo fool you:
    with 35,000 square feet of floor space, this will be the largest venue of its kind in Montreal.

    Connected to Montreal’s underground city, this vibrant space is designed to let people reconnect with nature,
    right in the heart of Place Ville Marie. The team of architects from Sid Lee Architecture and
    Menkès Shooner Dagenais Letourneux Architectes wants to create a dialogue between
    indoors and outdoors by permeating the interior space with natural light and vegetation.


A5 Hospitality is a Montreal firm that has been creating and operating restaurants and bars for the past 15 years. Alexandre Besnard and Patrick Hétu started a company that now stands apart in the industry with a variety of specialized offerings, from high-end Japanese restaurants to large-scale entertainment projects. This team of passionate professionals focuses on collaboration to ensure its constant renewal, as it continues to provide various clienteles with premium experiences.


Sid Lee Architecture is the creative firm behind the large-scale public-space revitalization project at Place Ville Marie, of which the food hall is a central component. The firm is recognized for its creativity and signature projects in several fields, and its contribution to the food hall will be crucial in the development of a truly unique space.


MDSL Architectes is one of Canada’s leading architecture and design firms, and a reference in project development and management. Its involvement will bring the space to another level, ensuring unparalleled quality.


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